Billy Mays’ death a healthy reminder

I have kids who watch Nickelodeon and I watch my fair share of sports on ESPN and various Fox Sports affiliates.

In other words, if you leave the TV on in our house for long, chances are Billy Mays will pop up on the screen selling OxiClean or Kaboom (which we’ve actually used – it’s pretty good). There’s also the indoor grill device, too, which the name escapes me but the line goes, “stack ’em and let your family attack ’em.”

Saying that Mays was a good salesman and, from most of what I’ve read the past couple of days, genuinely enjoyed his job isn’t a stretch. To be able to do something as your career you love is never a bad thing.

The news today that the local coroner in Florida said Mays had heart disease and his reports of not feeling well Saturday night trend away from any suspicion a head injury from a rough airplane landing was the culprit.

The suspicion of heart disease also brings the mind the death of “Meet the Press” anchor Tim Russert a little more than a year ago and a constant reminder for men to be heart smart as they enter middle age.

David Gregory has done a decent job replacing Russert and is still getting his feet wet, but Russert is a still a gold standard as was ailing Walter Cronkite for an earlier generation.

Similarly, it may be a while until someone outdoes Mays for pitching products with such a passion you can’t help but know who he is.

Mays doesn’t hold the same worldwide cultural impact as Michael Jackson or effect on television news as Russert.

Yet like Jackson and Russert, Mays has a grieving family worthy of prayers for the loss of someone they love.



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