Brett Favre Apparently Retiring For Good…Really?

News came across today that Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre is retiring.

The real question is if the third time he declared retirement really the charm, a.k.a. the truth?

With Favre, Minnesota figured to be a strong contender along with team he spent most of his career in Green Bay, to contend for the NFC North title and a possible return to the NFC Championship game. A late-game interception thrown by Favre in that game ultimately vaulted the New Orleans Saints to the Super Bowl.

“He’s a 40 year old man and has to come to grips [with his decision],” Vikings coach Brad Childress said, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

If, and this is still a big if in my mind, Favre has retired, Minnesota’s fortune’s are much shakier even as a wild card team, much less a division champion. Presumed starter Tavaris Jackson has been – at best – erratic during his time with the Vikings. Continued inconsistency will but greater pressure on a very talented by fumble-prone Adrian Peterson carrying the load bolstered by one of the NFL’s best defenses.

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