Can We Podcast God?

It’s no secret there’s an explosion of spirituality on the Internet. Everyday Christian is part of it as we carve out of a niche for Christians seeking to be informed and inspired.

But what about a Website that will pray for you?

Or the development of cyber faith as a phenomenon, a church without walls grounded in belief, but not necessarily at the established denomination’s house of worship down the street?

We’ve reported on the One Body of Christ experiment on Facebook and have run many other stories and blogs about the intertwining of technology and religion.

This ABC News piece and an NBC Nightly News story that covered a non-denominational Chicago church which gives all its money toward service are further evidence of this growing trend.

And as a rule of thumb, when traditional large news organizations pick up these kinds of cultural stories it’s akin to the federal government running with an issue the public at large has been aware of for months or years.

It is safe to say we are in the opening stages of a major shift in how faith is exercised. Saying that shift becomes a full-fledged revolution to a podcasted version of individual and small-group faith networks is uncertain at this point. The true answer to that question is years, perhaps decades, away.

Regardless of how uneasy the paradigm change may be, it is encouraging that people want to be part of the faith conversation and not use technology as another excuse to cast it aside.

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