I’ve always been one who makes snap decisions, whether good or bad, but since my husband died, I tend to dither.  I keep wondering what Ron would do or if I am making the wrong move and so I waver back and forth on stuff.

So it is with the lawn. It’s bald as a newborn baby’s head. I added grass seed last year but nothing happened. So after more dithering, I booked a company to seed the thing. Then I thought about how much money it would cost and how much money I didn’t have and emailed a cancellation.

That night, a naked lawn dominated my dreams. I woke, wishing I hadn’t cancelled. What would they think if I rebooked? Shudder. Then I discovered my email hadn’t been delivered! Whew. Once more god saved the day.

When God says he takes care of widows and orphans he means it.

Father of orphans, champion of widows is God in his holy house (Psalm 68:5, MSG)

Prayer- Thank you, Lord for keeping us, providing for us, and being our champion. Amen.

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