Chris the Sheep

The true story about Chris the sheep haunts me because it is so much like my own.

Chris belonged in a flock but he insisted on living his own way. He ran away from shearing, sheepish responsibilities and more. He did what he liked, even though running away from his flock exposed him to dangers like wolves and coyotes.

However with no one to remove his fleece, as sheep are required to have done, his wool kept growing, longer and longer. It weighed more than he could sensibly carry. It hoarded all sorts of buggy critter crawlers. It matted. It was dirty and useless. His skin got infected and because his fleece was so heavy it ripped his skin open.

When someone finally herded him home; (or maybe Chris just smartened up all on his own!) His fleece weighed almost ninety pounds, not the usual ten to eleven.

Friends when we try to go it alone, not mingling with the flock of Christ, our life fleece weighs us down too. Much of our life work is useless. We all need guidelines and accountability. We all need a shepherd. We all need the Christ.

“I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd puts the sheep before himself, sacrifices himself if necessary. A hired man is not a real shepherd. The sheep mean nothing to him. He sees a wolf come and runs for it, leaving the sheep to be ravaged and scattered by the wolf. He’s only in it for the money. The sheep don’t matter to him. (John 10:11-13, MSG)

Prayer- Lord, be our shepherd please and keep us flocked, where we belong. Amen.

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