Christian Book Expo Attendance Disappointing

Marcia Nelson of Publishers’ Weekly reports that attendance at last weekend’s inaugural Christian Book Expo in Dallas was one-tenth the number show organizers and book publishers had hoped for.

The event, sponsored by the Evangelical Christian Press Association, was designed to connect readers with publishers and authors. The Expo featured 238 Christian authors and three days of panels and conference programming. The event was first conceived two years ago–long before the economy headed into its current tailspin.

ECPA President Mark Kuyper said that if the event is held again next year, it will be “a smaller show”.

I would have loved to attend the conference myself, but just like a lot people these days, I’m holding the line on expenses. I hope that something like this can be successful the next time around.


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  1. That’s unfortunate. Some of the best books you’ll read, just like movies, are not blockbusters in wide circulation.

    March 25, 2009

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