Christians must be wary of pop culture, Hollywood

The media and pop culture are the most powerful forces in the world at this time, as least in the sense of temporary influence. Unfortunately, many clueless people proclaiming to be Christians adhere to the tenets of these influences without checking the facts and assertions.

A new focus on discernment by the body of Christ is needed, as we take in too many things without critical thinking, especially when it’s being pushed upon us a being a lack of tolerance not to do it.

That’s the tool being used to fool many Christians in a number of areas by Hollywood, the media, and the pop culture elite, and we need to be aware of it.

Because Christians are generally good-hearted and want to be seen in that light, these qualities can be taken advantage of easily by those self-consciously attempting to sway their beliefs and opinions, whether they have facts and reality on their side or not. Pop culture and the overall entertainment industry doesn’t care about facts or if their facts are found out to be false. They’re experts in creating illusion and smokescreens, and they use all the marketing and social proof tools at their disposal to keep the farce going as long and as deeply as they can.

Let’s take one hot button issue most people now take as fact–global warming.

Many Christians now talk about global warming as if it’s based in fact, when in reality, if you do a little digging, it’s far more based on faith–just like the evolution hoax–than it is on fact.

The mainstream media has made it look like there’s a consensus on man-made global warming, when there’s probably more scientists opposing it than agree with the assertion.

As one writer recently said, “The Global Warming Petition Project has 31,000 signatories from scientists in the U.S. who oppose the so-called climate crisis ‘consensus.’ Their work is summarized in this this paper. The EPA’s own suppressed report skeptical of global warming can be read here CEI Releases Global Warming Study Censored by EPA . And the Senate Minority Report, with 650 signatories, can be read here US Senate Minority Report on Global Warming.”

Some people think the book “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson–which many people consider the bible of the environmental movement–was a great thing, and did a lot to help the environment and birds of Africa. There’s one problem there, since the book inspired the abandonment of DDT for mosquito control, over an estimated 40 million people in the Southern Hemisphere have died of malaria.

Just over the last several years, as a result of this senseless holocaust, DDT has been quietly reintroduced as a mosquito management tool in Africa and other areas. They quietly reintroduced it because they don’t want the issued revisited in order to have to explain why it happened. Think of it though, other than Hitler and Stalin, this is one of the greatest disasters of the 20th century, and most people simply yawn and ignore it.

The point of all this is we should not accept assertions that claim the world is about to end in any area, as you can be sure someone with an agenda is behind the scenes coordinating it.

That’s one of the techniques employed by fear-mongers who delight in creating the type of environment is created where people are made to think if they don’t stand up for the alleged cause, disaster will happen. In reality, many times those proclaiming they’re only doing good, are really causing far more harm than if they were just leaving things alone and doing a lot of objective research to see if it is true or not.

Christians must not take in the assertions of pop culture and the media uncritically, who are attempting to guide or force the direction they want the world to take, without regard to what it does to human beings.

To not understand and discern this is naive at best and irresponsible at worst, especially if you take up their mantra and become part of the movement without a clue as to whether it’s based in reality or not.

This isn’t just connected to environmentalism, as it’s related to all the agendas espoused by pop culture and the entertainment industry. I only use the above examples to show how distorted these issues can be, and why we must not place our faith in any way in the things promoted by them.

Jesus Christ is still in control, He’s in no hurry, nothing catches Him by surprise, and we aren’t to take our cues from the world and its mouthpieces. Hollywood, the media and pop culture aren’t to be the voices we listen to or follow, as just like in their films, music, TV shows and lifestyles, most of it is based on illusion and fiction, and that extends to their faux causes as well.


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