Church is Not a Spectator Sport

Everyone had God-given gifts and talents.

Mine might lie in writing and communication, but ask me to wire a ceiling fan and, well, we’re all in trouble.

Regardless of what your talents, skills and interests are, finding even small ways to apply them to church life is important to not only its operation, but in some cases its survival.

While this may seem like obvious points to any of you who do volunteer your time to some degree, it is still a daily struggle for congregations across denominational lines.

A pastors’ survey by LifeWay Research revealed that fewer the 30 percent of churches say 60 percent of their members or more are active volunteers. Conversely, 60 percent of churches say fewer than 40 percent of their members help out regularly. As for the remaining 10 percent, it’s probably safe to assume they are in severely dire straits for help.

The survey also discusses ways pastors try to keep people motivated to go somewhere other than lunch after Sunday services, but the bottom line is the folks in the congregation need to have intrinsic motivation for the numbers to improve and the church to function effectively. That comes down to priorities, and no matter how much someone spends time in prayer away from church or reading their Bible, actively participating in church is something which has to be bought into on a case-by-case basis.

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