Churches’ Lack of Swine Flu Panic Commendable

In February we blogged about Concord Church in Dallas where Pastor Bryan Carter took hold of a simple idea and turned into a vibrant display of Christian compassion, holding a service directed at helping the unemployed in the congregation.

The response of Carter, and many other churches around the country who have tried to minimize swine flu fears, should be praised.

Carter said in a Facebook message that Concord was posting a bulletin from the local health department about swine flu and advising anyone having flu-like symptoms to stay home Sunday. Sanitizer will be available throughout the church to adults and children alike.

In churches from Texas to Illinois to Florida precautions are being taken, but wisely no one is pushing a big red panic button.

The CDC is also wisely warning against complacency.

Yet the absence of panic in general and on the part of churches in particular is commendable.


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