Counting Points

I belong to a weight loss group that does just that; we count points. However there are other points you need to be aware of here in Canada

Did you know that distracted driving now will love your points on your driving license? Distracted driving means anything you do that distracts from your driving. That includes cell phone use, eating, drinking and maybe even eying the kids in the back seat.

Crowding or refusing to pull over for an emergency vehicle makes us liable for both a fine and demerit points.

Hey and stay away from snow plows too. Never pass one, but definitely never pass on the right hand side! They are clearing a path for you, silly.

Yes, these are all common sense tips but many of us still think we are smarter than all those who have gone before us and learned these truths the hard way.

But when we choose not to heed truth, have a problem and lose points, suddenly we too are experts at choosing wisdom over foolishness.

They may be ever seeing but never perceiving, and ever hearing but never under-standing; otherwise they might turn and be forgiven!’ (Mark 4:12, AMP)

Prayer- Father God, help us use the common sense you gave us!! Amen .

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