Cranky Critters (Quote from Happy Daze, Life after 40, author Brenda J Wood)

We don’t have to turn into one of those cranky old folks we all avoid. You know, the ones who hit you with their cane; the Aunt Marthas and the Uncle Freds we invite only at Christmas and then only because we feel obligated. 

 If we aren’t the somebody we want to be, perhaps we’d better pay more attention while we still can. None of us can make a brand-new start, but we surely can start now and aim for a brand-new ending!

God has a reason for aging. If He didn’t, we’d already be in our next place. (By the way, I hope you’ve asked Jesus into your life, so that the next place you go, will be Heaven and not Hell!)

And now that I am old and gray, don’t forsake me. Give me time to tell this new generation (and their children too) about all your mighty miracles.

(Psalm 71:18, TLB)

Forty-Plus folks are God’s memory bank. We get to tell others how we met God and how He cared for us!  

Have you considered this? Time is running out on we old folks. Get your history while you can! Which family members hold clues to your heritage? How will you record their words?  

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