Defending the Pro-Life Position

Today we live in a visual, postmodern, and avoidance culture.  Our culture mainly learns through images and rarely learns through books anymore and wants most of life’s problems to just “go away.”  Many people even believe there is no objective truth and that morals are determined on what is “right for you.”

When defending the pro-life position on abortion, all you have to do is simplify the debate to this question: “What is the unborn?”  When someone kills a toddler everyone agrees that a human was killed, so are fetuses human beings like toddlers?  Philosophical evidence that a fetus is a human is found in these four points.

-Size: Small people are just as much human as large people

Is Shaquille O’Neal more of a person than Danny Devito?

-Level of Development: a toddler is not less human than a teenager

-Environment- a newborn baby receiving aid in an incubator is not less human than a newborn baby on their way home

-Degree of Dependency: a person needing an inhaler for asthma is not less of a person than someone without asthma

Defending the pro-life position is simple when you bring it back to the question, “What is the unborn?”

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  1. Starrman said:

    Great job Kevin. This reminds me of what happened to me one day at a dinner after work where my boss and I took out our largest corporate partner to dinner. My former boss is a lady who was strongly Pro-Choice/Pro-Abortion. She challenged me about my pro-life position in front of this corporate partner. 🙂 I didn’t mind the challenge… I considered it good practice to defend the position in a way that respected all of the liberals at the table (I was the lone Christian) while gently yet firmly explaining the pro-life position. I used very similar arguments that you did in your article. I think those arguments are very strong. I was surprised at her response. After discussing all of the points and all of the medical evidence that an unborn child is a life, with a smile of victory on her face she replied “Well… I choose to believe that the unborn baby is not a life.” I was stunned. I replied… “So… you are telling me that my argument is the one based on medical science and yours is based entirely on your faith?” I learned that sometimes there comes a point when truth no longer matters in the discussion. If we were arguing our positions fairly, in a world where truth mattered to both of us, then the pro-life arguments would have easily won the day. Instead, my former boss gave up reason to hold to her position of faith… faith that she had the absolute right to choose to “terminate the pregnancy”. I thought that was a pretty good example of the “postmodern and avoidance culture” that you mentioned in your article. Eric the Starrman!

    May 22, 2010

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