Doggie Heaven

Remember, I wrote this tongue-in-cheek!

The barking stopped. The dog died and found himself instantly transported to doggie heaven. 

But was it? It didn’t look like any place he’d ever expected. The fire hydrants were too tall. The squeaky toys were too loud. The T-bones were made of pork, not beef tenderloin.

Where were those annoying short humans and the water bottle his owner sprayed in his face every chance she got?

And what about that cat he used to chase around the lilacs in the front yard? Where was that disgusting dry kibble he ate every day?.  

Then he figured it all out.

He was in heaven alright. He didn’t have to do anything but enjoy it and keep his eyes open for Jesus.

“Repent of your sins and turn to God, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near.” (Matthew 3:2, NLT)

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