Don’t throw away those old business cards

If you’ve been laid off and still have those old business cards, instead of tossing them, post them online at Cards of Change with your new contact information written over the card in hopes of connecting with prospective employers, new clients or customers. Cards of Change is not a social network life Facebook or MySpace. It is a connection site that believes everything that happens to an individual can have a positive effect, and bad news can take a back seat to stories of individual success.

This idea is probably the latest in creative approaches for rejuvenating or jumpstarting a job search and helping people remain positive in difficult circumstances. Here’s how it works.

1. Take your old business card and scratch out your old contact information.

2. Write in your new email address along with one positive change that happened in your life as a result of being laid off or downsized.

3. Take a landscape photo and upload it to the site.

4. Add a few keywords or tags so that a prospective employer can find you and your targeted industry.

That’s all there is to it! Interested employers can access your card with a keyword or by scrolling through the pictures. After clicking on the picture of your business card, they are able to read your positive story and if interested can contact you by email; then it’s up to you to pursue the relationship.

Check out the site for yourself before uploading a card. This is when the advice of Matthew 10:16 “to be shrewd as snakes, but innocent as doves” comes in handy. Determine the proper image you wish to present and then craft your positive story. Cards of Change may not be for everyone; but there are a few success stories written on the cards of some who have found jobs or new business opportunities.

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