Dove Foundation, Zondervan putting together television pilot

The Dove Foundation, a Christian non-profit entertainment ministry, is producing a television pilot for a movie and video game review show. The 30-minute show is being sponsored by Christian publishing giant Zondervan. Mainstream theatrical and DVD releases will be discussed along with a segment dedicated to recent video game releases on multiple platfornms. Filming begins this month. In early October the pilot will be shown on yet to be determined Christian broadcasting station and streamed on related Websites. Since 1991, The Dove Foundation has given its “Family Approved” seal to motion pictures and video games. The foundation’s review board gave its seal to 36 feature films in 2008. “We’ve been planning a television series for years, but never had the interest of distributors until recently. We were contacted by executives of several Christian networks who are looking for a television program that will take the guess work out of the movie-going experience,” said Dick Rolfe, co-founder and CEO of The Dove Foundation. Links: The Dove Foundation: Zondervan:

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