Dreaded Tax Day

Dear American friends, we feel your pain! The dreaded tax day happens tomorrow, right? In Canada we have till the end of April but when we hear taxes on your news broadcasts, it gets us going on ours.

Maybe these thoughts will cheer us up on both sides of the border. We are not the first generation to suffer the indignity of taxes. Scribes (tax collectors) in the time of the Pharaohs taxed cooking oil and Athenians taxed foreigners on a monthly basis!

Caesar Augustus created inheritance taxes. Julius Caesar started a sales tax. Rome first brought taxation to Britain. Lady Godiva even rode naked through the town so that her husband would reduce taxes!

Suffice to say we are all still paying taxes. Jesus offers this advice.

And Jesus said to them, whose likeness and title are these? They said, Caesar’s. Then He said to them, pay therefore to Caesar the things that are due to Caesar, and pay to God the things that are due to God. When they heard it they were amazed and marvelled; and they left Him and departed. (Matthew 22:20-22, AMP)

Prayer – Lord, we forget that taxes pay for our roads, schools and so much more. Help us to be grateful for what they supply and remind us to pray for people to spend them wisely. Amen

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