Ducking Tests

My life is filled with tests and one of them includes attending a workshop at least once a week to get weighed. It’s a necessary evil in my life if I want to keep off my 60 pounds. With class numbers limited for a while, I became Ananias and Sapphira by saying one thing and living quite another. I smugly gave up my place ‘for others’ and enjoyed a week of overeating. 

And in their heart, they put God to the test by asking food according to their desire. 

(From Psalm 78:18)

Here is the same verse in different versions for more insight. 

They whined like spoiled children, why can’t God give us a decent meal in this desert?


And they tempted God in their heart by asking meat for their lust.


They murmured and complained, demanding other food than God was giving them.


And in their heart, they put God to the test by asking for food that suited their taste.


I admit shame. All of these were true of me.

Then I got a call from my neighbor. “I can’t go today. Can you tell them I’m not coming?”

Oh, boy. What a hint from God! I went to the workshop in her place, faced the bad news and started the new week with a fresh perspective. I tried to duck the bad news, but God knew what I needed and sent me notice. Thankfully, I obeyed.

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