eBay fundraiser for ’VeggieTales’ cartoonist with comatose son

Chances are you have never heard of Tim Hodge, but if you’ve had kids in the last 15 years or so, you’ve probably seen his work.

Hodge is a well-known figure in animation and print cartoon circles. He was a Disney animator working on “The Lion King” and Pocahontas.” He did story board work for “Mulan” and “Brother Bear.” More recently he worked for Big Idea, the company which puts out the Christian-based “VeggieTales” DVDs and TV shows. Hodge wrote and directed videos for “VeggieTales” and another popular Big Idea production “3-2-1 Penguins.”

Tragedy struck Hodge late last year when his 18-year-old son became comatose after a car accident.

With Hodge struggling to handle mounting medical costs, Tom and Tony Bancroft stepped in to help fill the void. The brothers worked as Disney animators with Hodge and put together an eBay auction to help the family.

I’m not a big collector by nature. However, I’ve seen plenty of cartoons over the years, and for comic and illustration buffs the items up for bid are quite interesting. Included are sketches and artwork from “Peter Pan,” “Up” and classic cartoons such as “Mr. Magoo” and “Popeye.”

A note on the top of the blog listing the auctioned items says it was stopped unexpectedly but that items should be reposted for sale soon.

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