Effective Door to Door Outreach

In our church’s last outreach, we are utilizing a great website that provides free handouts, Bible tracts, and decision cards.  It is called Evangelism Unlimited.  It is an awesome way to share the gospel while at the same time show the community you and your church cares about the.  Follow these simple four steps and you can utilize the years of experience and training that others have had and have effective Outreach evangelism in you community.  

Of all the days that door to door evangelism, Saturday mornings at around 10:00 a.m. is perhaps the best time of all.  Our church uses Evangelism Unlimited’s Neighborhood Questionnaire number one.  Here’s how it goes.

Start with an apology:  One of the first things I have learned from my training in evangelism and with an evangelist is that when you knock on a door, apologize and say, “I am sorry, I hope I am not disturbing or coming at a bad time.”  This gives the impression that you are not wanting to infringe on their schedule and that you are imposing upon their free time, which for many is on the weekend.  

Question number one:  According to you, what is the greatest need in this community?  We have had the number one response to this question to be “We need a youth center because the young people in this city have nowhere to go or nothing to do.”   What our church does is asses the real needs of the community.  We show a real concern with what the needs of the community are.

Question number two:  What advise do you have for a church here in this community?  This question is open ended. It allows the community to tell the churches what they feel they need to do.  These two first questions are non-offensive.  It is like the Body of Christ showing love and concern for their neighbors in real life applications.

Question number three:  How can we as a local church help you?  Here is a specific question addressed to the person or people you speak with.  It allows the community to feel empowered by their opinion in what is important to them personally.  It also helps the church to see what needs the individual members of the community need.  

With the ending of these three questions, we hand out a tract called “There is Hope”.  This PDF tract which is available at Evangelism Unlimited lets you write your church’s name, address, and times of service on it.  Then you print it out and make copies of it to hand out at the end of your door to door visit.  These are free to copy and use by your church.  

Evangelism Unlimited also has free training materials to train and equip you or your church to evangelize the community in which you like.  This allows you to live out and obey the Great Commission, the imperative command that Christ gave to the church five times in the New Testament.  

Our church loved the training.  It provided free resources and some of the most effective methods and tracts available.  It utilizes years of experience that evangelists and Outreach leaders have used in the last 20 years.  Its one of the most effective means that our church has ever used.  I highly recommend it to any church community in reaching the lost sheep of your community and bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world, even if its only your small corner of it.

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