Eggs, Judas and The Inferno

So … this year I decided to introduce the concept of Resurrection Eggs to my 7 year old son. We have this great little container – just like an egg carton from the store, but plastic – that holds 12 eggs, each with a symbol of the Easter story.

From the donkey bringing Jesus into Jerusalem to an empty egg representing the empty tomb, the eggs help to tell young ones the story of the betrayal, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus.

We got to the egg that held a small little stack of plastic silver coins, and we read the story of Judas’s betrayal of Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Not too surprisingly, my son didn’t like this part of the story very much. But it was the rest of the conversation that still has me chuckling…

Insightful Son: “Mom, why was Judas so mean?”

Traditional Mom: “Well honey, Jesus knew that someone was going to betray him. That’s actually kind of an important part to the story. If Judas hadn’t betrayed Jesus, he may not have been arrested or crucified. If he hadn’t been crucified, we wouldn’t have the miracle of the resurrection.”

Long, uncomfortable silent interlude where I consider punting the question to our pastor next Sunday…

Insightful Son: “Mom. I bet Judas went to hell.”

Traditional Mom: Completely taken off guard and tongue tied for a response, “Well, Dante thought so.”

Insightful Son: “Who’s Dante?”

I so need to learn to quit while I’m ahead.


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