Elena Kagan Calling the Kettle Black

I watched some of the confirmation proceedings of Elena Kagan for Supreme Court Justice, and have listened to other parts, read some things and I have been consistently astounded. She has evaded, side-stepped and done quite a bit of stuttering, especially when asked about her thoughts back in 1995 on the substance of the confirmation hearings. When asked what direction she would take the Supreme Court if confirmed, she did a speech stutter-step that would have looked like a nicely done two-step dance; if it were a dance. She merely stated that it was a fair question and then laughed. It was just left there. In fact, during this whole process she has danced around issues like an American Idol winner.

Elena Kagan wouldn’t say anything about what she is passionate about. Evidently, her passions are not “judicial” enough. She kept saying platitudes about how the law must be interpreted without prejudice. Yet… she had enough power as a Dean at Havard Law School to toss out the recruiting military because of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy enacted.

When asked outright if she would call herself a progressive, she hemmed and hawed until finally she said that in general she could be called a Progressive. Why the double talk? Because we conservatives know what progressives really are, and it isn’t a politically correct thing for a supposedly fair and impartial judge.

When asked a fair question about if she believed that marriage should be left up to the states rather than the federal government to determine, she said there was a case concerning that is coming down the track and preferred not to prejudge any case that might come before her. Senator Grassley of Iowa left it at there. But…I have a question, Elena. Should states have the right to ban or allow same-sex marriages? How can a belief in the sovereign rights of the states have a bearing on any specific case? She certainly got her exercise side-stepping the issues that would allow for a wise decision in her confirmation.

As responsible Christians, we are to love the sinner and hate the sin. I practice that. However, what God calls sin is sin and there are no loopholes to jump through that will make a sin something righteous. It will never happen. We know this because of the Law that God gave us to live by (the Old Testament) and the interpretations of the Law (the New Testament).

We can always know how someone will react or what someone will do because of their past actions and responses.

Since she acted radically enough to throw the military off Harvard campus, then we know that she will read all cases through that prejudice, just as all Christians read things through the filter of Biblical principles. It is a fiber of our being that we cannot deny, just as God cannot deny Himself. Therefore, if Kagan is confirmed, and it looks like that’s what will happen unless we get on our knees and pray that God intervenes, then the country will have someone who will judge cases through liberal lenses for decades to come as she will be the youngest justice on the Supreme Court.

I find that incredibly frightening.

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