Encouraging Others at Work

Everyone needs encouragement. Bosses and co-workers alike face difficult situations and make mistakes or fail on a daily basis. They need help to cope with disappointment, fear, doubt and uncertainty. It has been said that “a word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.”

Encourage Others When They Fail

Reassure team members after a disappointment or setback. Boost their morale by offering your support. Even if they act tough, like they are in control of the overwhelming emotions that accompany a mistake, don’t believe it! Somewhere deep inside, they are awash in despair with intense feelings of fear about having made yet another blunder or slip-up.

What they desperately need is someone like you to come alongside them and encourage them for trying even in the face of failure . . . someone who really cares about them…that accepts and acknowledges them by helping to keep their self-esteem intact in spite of the failure. Offer to help them recover from a disappointment or failure. Give them a shoulder to cry upon when appropriate (Hebrews 3:13).

Put Heart Into Others at Work

Encouragement can have a very powerful effect on bosses and co-workers alike. Show others at work that you care! Exert a positive influence on their work lives by giving them encouragement to help them succeed. Prompt them to try new things or pursue new opportunities. Point out their positive character traits and how these can lead to success in the future.

Deliberately look for small ways to encourage others verbally, in writing or through your own behavior towards them. Show appreciation for the contributions of every team member in your office. Give co-workers a vote of confidence (Hebrews 10:25).

If you are a leader, empower your direct reports to grow professionally and reach their full potential. Value and accept your employees as they are and don’t put conditions on accepting them. Help them succeed at job responsibilities and teach them what they need to know to achieve company and career objectives. Recognize and reward their accomplishments. Stimulate cooperation and collaboration between work units, departments or the company as a whole.

Select someone you can encourage at work today. Make an effort to put heart into others!


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