’Extreme Makeover’ Family Gets Financial Help

Judy and Larry Vardon say the money should help them avoid foreclosure on the Oakland County home that was refurbished to better accommodate their blind, autistic son. The family was featured on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”

The Macomb Daily and The Daily Tribune reported Sunday that the couple didn’t request money, but donations started coming after media outlets this month reported on their plight.

The Vardons said they were weighed down by an increased mortgage payment and medical insurance that hasn’t covered autism treatment for 16-year-old son Lance.

The Vardons’ 980-square-foot home was remodeled four years ago to help the couple better care for their son. According to the Macomb Daily, the Vardons refinanced their home in 2005 to help pay medical bills. The interest rate on their mortgage was fixed for two years and then converted to an adjustable rate. As a result, their monthly payment increased by more than 50 percent. The Vardons are working with a local nonprofit to reduce the principal on the mortgage and convert it to a fixed rate.

“We have a good chance of keeping the home,” Judy Vardon said, “but I don’t know about the future.” She said that she prays that her situation will provide hope for others.



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