Honda Named Best Auto Resale Brand

Kelley Blue Book’s annual Best Resale Value Awards recognized those vehicles which are expected to retain most of their value over the next five years. Depreciation, or loss of vehicle value, typically is a buyer’s major vehicle expense.

Honda’s Civic, Civic Hybrid, CR-V, and Fit were among the models honored. Toyota had several models recognized, including the Corolla and Prius as well as vehicles from its Scion and Lexus brands.

The winners:

2009 Best Resale Value Brand:

2009 Best Resale Value Top 10 Models (alphabetical):
Honda Civic/Civic Hybrid
Honda Fit
MINI Cooper
Scion xB
Scion xD
Scion tC
Toyota Corolla
Toyota Prius
Toyota Yaris
Volkswagen Rabbit

2009 Best Resale Value by Category:
Compact Pickup–Toyota Tacoma
Full-Size Pickup–Toyota Tundra
Crossover–Honda CR-V
Luxury Crossover–BMW X5
Hybrid Crossover–Toyota Highlander Hybrid
SUV–Jeep Wrangler
Luxury SUV–Audi Q7 Quattro
Hybrid SUV–Chevrolet Tahoe
High Performance Car–Nissan GT-R
Hybrid Car–Honda Civic Hybrid
Compact Car–MINI Cooper
Mid-Size Car–Lexus IS
Full-Size Car–Cadillac CTS
Luxury Car–Audi A5
Van–Honda Odyssey


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