Eyes in Back

Granny was putting new putty on the storm windows. She said to my cousin Billy, “Billy, don’t you touch that putty.”

Of course, as soon as she turned her back, Billy was into it. Granny never turned her head. She just said, “Billy I told you not to touch that putty.”

We were only five or six when that happened but we were convinced from that day forward that our Granny had eyes in the back of her head.

Jesus had eyes in the back of his head too, figuratively of course.

But Jesus (for his part) did not trust himself to them because he knew all (men). And he did not need anyone to bear witness concerning man (needed no evidence from anyone about men) for He himself knew what was in the human nature (He could read men’s hearts) (John 2:24-25, AMP)

Did you catch that?

  1. Jesus knew all men (and women).
  2. He didn’t need anyone to bear witness.
  3. He needed no evidence
  4. He knew human nature
  5. He could read men’s (and women’s) hearts.

What does he know about you? How does that affect your choices today?

Prayer- Father, I can’t hide anything from you, even if I try. So let’s get to it. Show me where I am wrong and help me get it right. Amen.


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