Fatostatin: the newest potential cure for obesity

It seems that every six months or so we hear about a new drug that science thinks may hold the key to treating obesity. However, not much seems to ever come of these wonder drugs. Interestingly, the single best answer to the obesity problem remains a healthy diet and regular exercise. But, although we know there is no instant fix to being overweight, we still turn our heads to the research when it comes out. And it has come out again.

This time, scientists believe they may have found a drug that can not only make people lose weight but also cure diabetes and other obesity-related illnesses. Of course, the drug has only been tested thus far in mice and we have a ways to go before it is ready for human testing.

Scientists are calling the new drug “fatostatin” and say, according to this article from Reuters, that it works by actually stopping the body from making fat. The foods instead are released to be used as energy. In mice, the drug has reversed diabetes and even reduced cholesterol.

Interestingly, as the same article points out, what is true for mice isn’t always true for humans. Despite studies that showed the hormone leptin had great fat fighting effects in mice, it did absolutely nothing for humans. This study from 2004 expressed the hope that science had back then for this prior potential obesity cure.

For some, the morbidly obese in particular, drug therapy can be just the push they need to get started on successful weight loss. However, for the vast majority of overweight adults, biting the bullet and beginning a weight loss program consisting of diet and exercise is the most practical route.

There’s no doubt we are a country of comfort. If we could sit in our easy chairs and eat what we wanted but still maintain our health, most of us probably would. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. A healthy body requires regular maintenance. While we wait for science to unveil the newest fat cure chances are we could meet and exceed our fitness goals many times over.

I would like to say that when science finally gets the no-exercise-needed fitness drug right, I will be the first in line to get it. But, the fact is, I enjoy the maintenance this body requires. By using my body and keeping it healthy I feel like I am honoring just one of the many gifts I have received from our Creator.

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