Fear of Death

Fear of death came to my door. It lingered there a while.
It demanded entry, I opened with a smile.
That fear of death took hold of me. I quivered, shook with fear
It made me what I never was. I lost what I held dear.
My will to fight went down the drain. I lived overcome, done in.
Until my common sense took hold and I refused its din.
I realized my time to die was not in fear’s demands
The fear was all a façade. My time was in God’s hands.
God sets our limits and our times. I showed fear to the door.
I took my strength from promises, from God who goes before.
Yes, fear had its tow in door, but I slammed and locked it tight
For fear of death is pointless, until God gives death the right.
And so, I soldier bravely on; my goal, fear overcome.
And live with joy and freedom, God’s presence always near!

My times are in your hands; deliver me from the hands of my enemies, from those who pursue
me. (Psalm 31:15)

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