Fields Of Faith Inspires Teen Christian Commitments

As a 12-year-old boy, Justin Bloxom enjoyed playing football.

That isn’t unusual.

What was more out of the ordinary was Bloxom’s public profession of faith at such a young age. Justin joined in a Fellowship of Christian Athletes-sponsored event called Fields of Faith last year in his native Stonewall, La. The annual event – which will be revisited in a few weeks on Wednesday, Oct. 13 at schools around the country – invites students to make a commitment to their Christian faith.

Justin mother, Amy Bloxom Fletcher, was thrilled because he was the last of her four boys to make such a commitment.

Ordinarily, this is where the story might end.

Unfortunately it isn’t.

In March, Justin took part in a long text message conversation with someone he thought was a 12-year-old girl. When he meant to meet her, he was instead confronted by Brian Horn. Horn, a taxi driver, was a registered sex offender who lured Justin away from a friend’s house.

Justin’s body was found later that day.

Horn has been charged with second degree murder.

In August, Louisiana passed a bill named after Justin which limited sex offenders’ access to children and the types of jobs they can hold.

As for Justin mother, she is comforted by the change Justin has inspired in other people’s lives.

“It’s a part of my healing, knowing that Justin’s story and his life are going to change the lives of a lot of children,” she told FCA.

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