Fill Your Own Shoes

How many sharp instruments (and their limitations) can you name?

Let’s consider: A razor blade sharply trims a face, but it can’t cut down a tree.

An ax is powerful, but you don’t cut your hair with it.

A safety pin can pin a diaper and even draw blood, but it won’t slice a roast.

A paring knife does what it says. It peels fruit and vegetables but it doesn’t pare pounds off hips.

Scissors will cut a bunch of things, but they don’t chop steel.

Do you see what I mean? Every gadget has its specific job, just as every person has their specific job.

Over all of course, the chief end of man (and woman and child!) is to glorify God.

After that, we have some things we are especially good at, one might say that we have certain talents.  My husband could fix anything at all. That was his greatest talent.  When he became a Christian, the Holy Spirit gave him serving gifts that took advantage of his fixing talents.

What is your talent and how does it tie into your spiritual gifts from the Lord?

We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. (Romans 12:6, NIV)

Stop trying to be what you are not. God have you fine shoes to fit into. Try them on for size and be grateful for the excellent fit!

Prayer- Lord we thank you that we are individuals with specified gifts from you through the Holy Spirit. Help us use them wisely Lord. Amen.

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