Flexible Folks

Flexible people are able to change or be changed according to the circumstances. They are supple, elastic, bendable, stretchy and never stiff! They are able to bend or be bent repeatedly without damage or injury!

How flexible are you when life happens? I planned to grocery shop this morning. Instead, I sit by the window, watching snow pelt my front porch. 

I could force my way onto an unplowed road, slide into a ditch, get towed and find the grocery store closed due to a power failure. To what end?

We will be confronted with things like weather, lifestyle, relationships, finances, and family.

Christ said “I prefer a flexible heart to an inflexible ritual’—(Matthew 12:7a) 

We must learn to take life as it happens. 

There will be days when unwelcome stuff changes our plans.  

Will we fight it or will we allow God to have a better plan for us?

 Will we flex our own muscles or our own faith?

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