Freeze Warning

Caution!  Freeze Heave!”  That’s the scary sign posted on our road.  Beware! Apparently, a freeze stops water in its tracks and the road may heave up. However, after the frost comes out of the ground, the road generally settles back into place and all is rather smooth again. Ah!

Grief freezes everything we know in our hearts. The world goes on but we feel our life is over and in a way it is. We exist in a bubble too big for us because our loved one is gone. We go through the motions of life but everything twirls slightly out of sync. God may seem distant.

Jeremiah 10:19 -Woe is me for my hurt! My wound is grievous: but I said, Truly this is a grief, and I must bear it” (KJV).

Take heart, Dear Ones. If we keep praying and following the God we know to be true, eventually our Freeze Heave of loss settles down. Will it erupt again? Of course, but just as in the last freeze, we’ll be able to handle it with Christ at our side.

Prayer: Lord, thanks for sustaining us through the Freeze Heave of grief. In Christ’s name. Amen.

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