Garbage In, Garbage Out

It’s a funny thing about garbage. When it was edible broccoli it was yummy. Now it is slimy and we fear it! Our food products didn’t make us cringe when we were eating them and now a bit of slime and we don’t want to touch it!

This news sent me into a tizzy!

YOUR CURBSIDE WASTE COLLECTION IS CHANGING! What? It took me ages to remember that Wednesday was our big dump day and now they are going to change all that?

Yes, now it is some stuff this week and other stuff the alternate week and my head is spinning. Where will I put the stuff in between pick-up days?
What critters will climb into it?
What bugs will eat their meals in it?
How often will I have clean up clad in gloves, mask and fumigation sprays?

Is this what they call the fear of the Lord?

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction. (Proverbs 1:7, NIV)

Folks, there are worse things in our life than our household waste and yet we keep them, dust them and dwell on them as if they were silver and gold.
What about the anger and unforgiveness we have toward a relative?
What about the fear we have of the world economy or world peace?

What about forgiving those things and those people and cleaning out the garbage we collect in our minds, attitudes and actions?

Prayer- Lord, we don’t want to forgive. Give us your heart that we might be able. Amen.

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