Getting to It

My hands are itching to get into my sewing stash, the cupboards that need sorting and the various other looming tasks around the house. Unfortunately, I still linger with this broken arm. It won’t hurry and heal and let me get back to the stuff I needed to do, but didn’t when I could have.

In my head have started to finish all those crafty ideas and crochet patterns that want to be done but I cannot ‘done’ them.

I am not alone. Others have tried to put off tasks but found themselves eventually at them, as I hope to be some day soon!

Take a look at Moses stalling. No broken arm but a broken mouth.

Moses answered, “What if they do not believe me or listen to me. (Exodus 4:1, NIV)

Eventually he did what God wanted. Are you?

Prayer-Lord, today I believe you want me to _________________. I have started. Amen.

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