Giving to Something Bigger Than Ourselves

 I really struggled this last winter. The weather really got ahold of me and my attitude. It added to some other things going on in my heart and … well….I let discontent grow in my heart.

I believe God has some great things in the future awaiting our family. I believe in praying for those things and working towards some goals. But in the meantime, I believe I need to sow where I’m planted. Be content and still continue to flourish where God has me.

That isn’t always easy.

Attitude is a crazy thing. Sometimes it takes on a life of its own and its so hard to change back around.

But it’s happened for me. Whether temporary or permanently, God has breathed new life and fresh air into my heart and soul.  It all happened because our family headed to Guatemala in June.

Guatemala. A country I was nervous about entering with my beautiful and precious daughters.  Yet I was so excited to be on the mission field again.

A God-Cause.

That “God-Cause” was more important than my fears. That “God-Cause” is what got excitement coursing through my veins again and got me energized and feeling alive again. That God-Cause? It made me happy. It brought joy into my days simply preparing for the trip and looking forward to what would develop.

I firmly believe that everyone needs a “God-Cause” in his or her life. We need something bigger than ourselves to motivate us, look forward to, and work towards. We need to feel like we are a part of something larger. We need to feel like we matter and we are making a lasting impact and difference in this life.

Something bigger than ourselves.

It takes the focus off of our complaints and our woes. It settles the issue of what should take priority in our life and it nicely sifts out where our attention should be and where it should not be.

Do you have a God-Cause in your life? Do you have something to wake up and get excited about? Something that propels you during the day and motivates you – bringing you joy? Do you feel like you are a part of a greater cause – something bigger than your own life?

If not, why not? There are “God-Causes” all over the world. You don’t have to go on the mission field (although I’d highly recommend taking a short-term trip at least once). You can volunteer at your local women’s shelter or organize an event to help the widow struggling down the street. You can start your own ministry by filling a need of bringing meals to grieving or new families, or hosting a new family in your home for dinner each week. The ideas are endless.  But they are all about people. God’s people.

If you want to get excited about living again – start taking part in something bigger than yourself. Pray that God will show you how and where He can use you. The needs far outweigh the able bodies that give to them. So if you ask, I promise you, He’ll deliver.

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