God’s Word: Your Map on the Journey of Life

Not every map is reliable.  Well, maybe the old-fashioned paper kind is but as sophisticated as a GPS system is, you can still end up in the wrong place.  My family experienced this last summer when we drove from Wisconsin to Virginia.  On the way back our GPS system had us taking the scenic route through Indiana which drastically added to our time.

So I don’t trust maps too much but there is one “Map” that I most definitely trust.  It is the Bible.  It serves as my map, helping me to navigate my way through life.

I love “The Message” version of the Bible.  I started reading this about a month ago and I just love the simplicity and straightforwardness of it.  One verse really stuck out to me:  “Open my eyes to see wonderful things in Your Word.  I am but a pilgrim here on earth:  how I need a map—and Your commands are my chart and guide.  I long for Your instructions more than I can tell.” (Psalm 119:18-20).

With the Bible you will never get lost.  But without it, you can end up on the wrong path.  Sure, you have navigated this life and know your way enough that at first you will still know where you are going.  But if you don’t reference your “Map,” your Bible, pretty soon things start getting a little cloudy.  Things get confusing and the path seems to lead you to nowhere.

If you really want to know which way to go, read the Word.  It is the map that directs every area of your life.  You will never, ever get lost.  If you want to understand the plans for you, know that His commands are the chart and guide to reveal it all.  If you really want to gain wisdom, then remember that you need His instructions.

Pick up your “map” today.

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