Gokey, Allen Reflect Opportunities Churches Provide

Life has obviously already changed dramatically for Kris Allen, Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert.

In two weeks one of them will be crowned the new American Idol on the Fox reality show. Advancing this far makes all of them household names, at least for the time being, and all three will have the chance to cash in on their success in the coming months and years.

Some Idol winners, such as Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson, have achieved and maintained pop stardom years separated from the show. Other singers from previous Top 3s have already faded into relative obscurity.

What makes this year’s final trio noteworthy is that two of them have strong church singing backgrounds and at least one of them is guaranteed a spot in the finals.

Everyday Christian has reported on the musical upbringing of Gokey and Allen as worship leaders signing in front of large friendly audiences. Understanding how to engage a crowd with your voice and develop a stage presence takes practice. Both men have benefitted tremendously from what they have learned.

Lambert has a theatre background and it shows. Elsewhere in the blogosphere he’s been referred to as “Glambert” for his Broadway-esque approach. No matter how you feel about his style, his ability to belt out a tune and bring down the house is undeniable.

There has been a great deal written here and elsewhere about the possible fading and definite shifting of the role church plays in American society. What it does provide today, as it always has, is opportunity.

It’s an opportunity to learn and grow in one’s faith.

It’s an opportunity to meet and keep lasting friendships.

And for Gokey and Allen, it’s an opportunity to launch careers from a background of belief.


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