How Do You Know If God Is There?

How do you know that God is there? It was one of the best questions I was ever asked. When it was asked I was overwhelmed with confidence. I was so full of myself when I demanded that I knew the answer, even had the smirk on my face and everything. (Prideful, yet another sinful trait of mine)

My answer was that I can feel that He is there. You see, at the time of my answer I could swear that this was true; I honestly felt that He was there. I was shocked when the person told me I was wrong. How could I be wrong?

I am bringing this up because I read a comment the other day where someone said faith is the hardest thing in life. I felt connected to that statement because I once felt the same. I didn’t always have my faith. I wasn’t saved until my twenties. And once I did have it, it didn’t always stick around. At first I would describe my faith as a roller coaster (I hate roller coasters, I get motion sickness.) Then this question hit me during a new members class: How do you know God is there?

The answer I was given was the promise. You know God is always there because you believe in His promise to always be there. I was told one day that the feeling of Him being there would pass, that you couldn’t trust your feelings. This question has gotten me through a lot since then.

I have been through many things which would make you question your faith. I would have easily lost it on the roller coasters of life events if I didn’t stop and think of that promise. I know He is there because of His promise to always be here. Faith for me (now) is easy and beautiful.

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