Hard Wired Addictions

If I ask you what you are addicted to, what would you say?  I am a food addict. For the most part, I have recovered, but any day and, in every way, some surprise chocolate might show up and I succumb.  What is yours?

Some of us gave up years ago and now our alcoholism, sex addiction, shopaholic or foot fetish takes precedence over our lives. We constantly plan the how and the where to get what we crave. Then we apologize to ourself and to others in the afterglow.

Friends we must stop going backward. An addiction gets stronger the more we feed it. Our elevator to success is out of order. We are not zooming to the top of life anytime soon. Our only way out is to take the stairs and one painful step at a time, inch our way to the top.

Step one-Trust the Lord Jesus Christ.

Step two- Stop believing the lie that you are the only failure ever.

Step three- Conquer day two

Step four- repeat day one to day three.

Up and up we painfully inch till most of the time, we are free and clear. Will we fail again? Maybe. But the open staircase awaits.

So, if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

(John 8:36, NIV)

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