He Is Right Here With Us

Last night we were discussing children. My wife told us one time when her kids were playing hide-and-seek, and all had been found but one. In desperation, they asked Hine if she knew where he was. She did not. Now the front gate was open. In a panic, two of the boys went down to the mall to seek him out. He was not there, either.

The shops were starting to close and it was getting near dinnertime. Where could he be? By this time, there were concerns for his safety.

They wandered around the neighborhood going to all his friends’ homes. Where was he hiding? It must be such a good place that these experienced players cannot find him.

Eventually Hine telephoned the police. Because he had only been missing a few hours, the police did nothing. Their feeling was he would turn up. However, a mother’s desperate plea got them motivated as the weather had turned cold, and young master four did not have a jersey.

At this point, the family were getting hungry so she started tea. Upon opening the cupboard under the sink, there he was. Fast asleep in a large pot. He was right under their noses all the time. Yes, the police got it right.

So often, we go looking for love and look in all the wrong places and we never seem to find it. Go and visit a church near you this Christmas. I am sure there are plenty advertised in the newspaper and online, but wherever you look get involved in a church near you this Christmas that preaches about Jesus, and you will find all the love you can handle. In fact, He is only a prayer away.


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