He Makes All Things Right

Lately it seems like nothing but tragedy has been going on, from national news of the tornados that have devastated towns, to things related to my personal world such as a church family’s loss of a newborn baby.

It can feel disheartening at times.  It’s in our human nature to begin to question what God is doing.  We see everything as going so wrong and we wonder when things will be made right. 

But then one morning I read this in Psalm 11:7 (The Message):  God’s business is putting things right…

What I felt being spoken into my heart at that moment is, He makes all things right.  He doesn’t just make some things right.  He isn’t just in charge of the small trials and tribulations; He is over death and devastation.  He is over discouragement, disillusionment and depression. 

Sometimes we don’t see the outcome right away.  In fact, I believe that in many cases we won’t see how things were made right until we have finally left this earth.  Some things just can’t be explained in “human” terms, they are too divine.

I don’t know what has taken place in your life, in your world.  I don’t know what terrible things you have faced or even how the devastation of others has affected you.  But this one thing I do know, even when it all makes no sense…we can trust that in the end, somehow someway He will make it all right.

This is where our faith really comes into play, where it is really tested.  We can say we have faith but it isn’t until we find ourselves in a situation where it is truly tried, that we discover how real it is.

And even if we see our faith lacking, we can ask God to strengthen and deepen it.  He will do that.  But for now, if you can hold onto one thing, then hold onto this…He WILL make ALL things right! 

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  1. Joe_Sewell said:

    How easy it is to say this, but how hard it is to believe. Then again, that’s why faith comes by hearing, and that by the word of God (i.e., not our own strength).

    June 4, 2011

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