Holy Week Timeline

Holy Week Timeline

Stephen Smith at Bible Gateway has put together a fascinating Holy Week Timeline Visualization. As he describes it: 

“Here’s a new visualization we created that harmonizes the four Gospel accounts of Holy Week and lets you examine the ‘who,’ ‘what,’and ‘where’of events leading up to and through Easter. 

Follow the lines in the chart to see at a glance what people were doing, where they were, and whom they were with at any point during the week.The horizontal axis shows time, and the vertical axis shows space. Proximity of the lines shows who interacted with whom. Constructed from a harmony of the Gospels, this chart is an interpretation; the timing of some events in the Holy Week narrative is open to debate.” 

Bible Gateway is releasing the visualization under a Creative Commons license, which means that you should feel free to print copies (they recommend printing the PDF) and share them with people at your church. 

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As you reflect on Holy Week, which person in the narrative are you most like in terms of your response to Jesus?

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