Hoops of Hope raises awareness for World AIDS Day

A national free throw shooting contest is raising money and awareness of HIV/AIDS in Africa with World AIDS Day coming up next Tuesday, Dec. 1. Hoops of Hope is a Christian-based contest which takes place throughout the year to raise funds. The movement was started by 15-year-old Arizona native Austin Gutwein. At nine years-old Gutwein was inspired to start a non-profit to help children orphaned by AIDS. With the sponsorship of World Vision, it has raised $1.6 million since its inception. Gutwein will be part of a nationwide campaign challenging Americans to shoot 15 million free throws, representing one for every child left orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Next spring Hoops of Hope is hosting a 12-city tour called Hoops of Hope All-Stars, the world’s largest free throw shooting contest. Each day-long event features 3,000 free throw shooters taking 500 shots each and 8,000 attendees. There will also be a competitive three-on-three basketball tournament. Link: Hoops of Hope: http://www.hoopsofhopeallstars.com/

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