Blog raises $30,000 in 24 hours to build school

How quickly could you raise $30,000?

Perhaps if you were well-connected within a well-to-do-family a few weeks or even a few days might seem reasonable.

Now, what if you asked complete strangers for the same amount of money to build a school in a specific location few, if any, of them have ever heard of?

It sounds like a fundraising campaign undertaken by a ministry which could take months at best to accomplish.

Think again.

Think less than 24 hours.

That seeming impossibility became reality earlier this month by Jonathan Acuff. Acuff is the creator of the blog Stuff Christians Like. The blog is patterned off the popular Stuff White People Like, although the differences in content are obvious.

Acuff is using the money toward building a kindergarten in North Vietnam and is already on the way toward raising funds for another one.

The smallest gift you give multiplied by the gifts of others – and in this case asked for in a creative way – can create Thanksgiving any time for people you may never see, but whom God cares for just the same.

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