Hope Amidst the Rubble in Japan

The images are everywhere. One cannot turn on the television, internet, or radio without hearing or seeing the latest tragedy unfolding in Japan. Never before in my lifetime have I seen such catastrophe. My heart breaks for the victims and all that they have lost. I feel like my feeble prayers cannot reach high enough or far enough and I wonder if they are making a difference. Out of the tragedy stories of survival emerge, triumphant amid the chaos and carnage. A newborn baby rescued, a daughter reconnected with her parents; these are the stories that give us hope. Yes, there is a God and yes, He is actively working. While we watch and pray for Japan’s victims what can we learn from this tragedy?

Be a Light

We need to remember that natural disasters are a part of life. While God may or may not be trying to speak through these events, we need to be careful not to pass judgment on anyone. Our words and actions should reflect the love of Christ, especially during this time of adversity. If we refrain from the trash-talk God will be glorified and our testimony will not be darkened.

Be Aware

While it may not be possible to donate time or money to Japan, is there someone closer to home that could use your help? Be aware of your surroundings, notice other people, and offer to lend a hand as often as possible. Little things make a big difference and one small gesture has the power to change a life. You just never know how God can use you.

Be Prepared

Disaster could strike at any time. Are you prepared? Assemble an emergency relief kit and have it readily accessible. Your kit should include enough canned food and water to last at least three days, a can opener, a first-aid kit, flashlights, a portable radio, and plenty of extra batteries. Blankets, plastic cutlery, and basic toiletries will also come in handy. For a complete list of essentials to have on hand, visit this website: http://www.fema.gov/areyouready/assemble_disaster_supplies_kit.shtm

The world feels like a very fragile place to be in right now. I watch all these things unfold and I can’t help but wonder when and if the area where I live is going to be next. Will I be ready if disaster strikes? What if all I’m left with is what I could salvage out of a cardboard box? While I ponder these things in my heart, I am aware of how frail life is and how much I need a savior. I am nothing without God. Because I put my faith in Christ I have hope and peace. I may not know what the future holds but I certainly know who holds the future and I am not afraid. I will not be shaken even if the ground below me threatens to shatter everything I hold dear. The tragedy in Japan has taught me that every day is a gift and that material possessions are meaningless. Faith expressing itself through love is all that matters in these uncertain times.

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