Immanuel Kant: Did Life Evolve Through Blind Chance Or Intelligent Design?

How did everything, including life, come into existence?  Was there a Creator or was it merely by chance that everything in the universe, including all life forms came into existence?  What about the origins of life? Isn’t there sufficient evidence that have already proven evolution to be a fact? Are we the product of random, blind chance or is there evidence of design by an intelligence? The only other option is that everything that exists, materialized out of nothing.  Albert Einstein said, “There are only two ways that you can live.  One is as if nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is a miracle. I believe in the latter”   

Immanuel Kant versus the Princes of Serendip: Does Science Evolve through Blind Chance or by Intelligent Design?  attempts to answer this question.  Kant‘s response is: “Accidental observations, made in obedience to no previously thought-out plan, can never be made to yield a necessary law, which reason alone is concerned to discover… Reason must not approach nature in the character of a pupil who listens to everything the teacher has to say, but as an appointed judge who compels the witness to answer questions that he himself has formulated.”

Scientists must not remain under the dominance of experience. We should neither heed the accidental observation nor listen to Nature as if we were naive pupils. We should strive to seek the objective truth in facts.  For example, the glaring lack of evidence is what has kept evolution as a theory for well over a hundred years.   

An accidental world, with chance as a mechanism for life forms, must fall upward against science’s axiom that out of nothing comes nothing.  Cause and effect demands some Causer prior to nothingness.  Chance, to Kant, is an excuse for ignorance.  Chance is not even a noun, it can do nothing of itself, it has no power to effect, it is not an x-factor, as many are convinced.  And chance is not composed of physical matter.  Regardless of those facts, to those who believe in evolution or carry a disbelief of Creationism or Intelligent Design, chance was the x-factor in everything coming into existence. Otherwise, they must admit that they don’t know how matter, and thus life, came into existence.  They simply don’t know and can only placate theories (subjective).  We should expect science to deal only with facts (objective), approaching things rationally and logically.  They have not.  Evolutions remains in the textbooks.  Believing in something does not make it true.  Try and find  a real tooth fairy.

The general approach for those who don’t believe in a Creator, the argument or theory is an equation:  Space + Time + Chance = Everything.  How can, in what in reality is, 0 + 0 + 0 = everything!?  The space did not cause matter to come into existence, nor did time.  Neither can chance influence  or create events.  Can being come from non-being… spontaneous generation of matter from nothing?  Can chance actually do anything or cause something to happen?   No.   Chance is only the likelihood of something occurring.  There must first come “cause” before an effect can occur.  And a cause logically demand a Causer…and a Creator.  Chance is powerless.  It can not make something happen or create something from nothing.  It is a non-being.  

I met an old intermediate school classmate far from our hometowns in a big city.  “I thought, that’s incredible.  What are the chances of that?”  Lots of zeroes I am sure, but I did not go to this city to meet him.  He did not come to the same city to meet me.  It was pure coincidence or by mere chance.  But the chance did not make me go to this city.  I did.  But I had already existed before having this chance meeting.  I caused myself to do so.  Same for him.  Chance is a possibility quotient, a mathematical equation.  But you have to have numbers to begin with or you can’t even write an equation.   Chance is powerless to create or to cause something to happen.  That leaves only one possibility.  The cause must be from an Intelligent Designer, a Creator.  There is no other way in which to explain the reason for all matter…the universe and all life forms.

An excerpt from Chapter Six of “Blind Chance or Intelligent Design?, Empirical Methodologies and the Bible”.

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