Is Your Church Too Full?

Oh not of people, for we all crave more church attendants. No, is your church too full of stuff?

Are we hoarding what we do not need? Do unused tables, old TV’s and VCR’s crowd our useable space?

Are there four communion sets in the attic because they were engraved in memory of whomever, while hundreds of churches both near and far to us cannot afford so much as one plate?

And what about massive piles of old books, written in a style hard to understand and outdated hymnals that could strengthen the faith of so many in the third world?

Do a hundred unused tea cups crowd the kitchen, unused because of the washing up required?  

But we used to…we say…we used to use them. “Remember when Aunt Betsy had tea parties for the ladies here in 1938?  Oh we can’t let go of those. How can we possibly let go of those.”

Friends, we must rid ourselves of the past. Those goodies we cling to will never be used again by our church, yet we hang on to them when so many others could make use of them.

Consider that:

  1. Other churches might be grateful to have them.
  2. Some items are worth a lot of money now and might clear our debts.
  3. The clutter prevents us from moving forward as a church.
  4. Our unused electronics make us quite old and doddery to young folks coming in.
  5. We are not doing God’s best when we hoard what others might use.
  6. We are clinging to a past that is long past.
  7. Keep the memories. Ditch the stuff

Don’t hoard your goods; spread them around. Be a blessing to others. This could be your last night.(Ecclesiastes 11:2, MSG)

Prayer-Lord when we keep what we do not need, surely that disappoints you. Forgive us Lord and give our congregation the strength to give away what they do not need. Amen.

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