Katy Perry and abandoning Christ for pop stardom

Katy Perry is a classic example of someone who was raised a Christian but abandoned her faith once she engaged with pop culture and the entertainment industry.

Not only that, but she seems to want to take advantage of that story and use it to further her career; something like a reverse testimony for marketing purposes.

In other words, you see, once I raised in a Christian home where both my parents were ministers. Now I’m the bad girl who left all that and am living the wild life.

It’s of course not exactly said that way, but in interviews Perry has very much used her abandonment of Christ as a tool to draw interest to herself.

She and her managers know the “good-girl-turned-bad” theme sells, and so she sadly embraces the strategy in order to sell her music and be an American pop star.

There are so many things to talk about this, like the usual preacher kid gone bad angle, or cocooning Perry away from the influences of the world in a way that caused her to go in the opposite direction.

I’m not at all saying that is what happened, just that it is part of the overall story, as told by Perry to make her sound interesting.

Perry seems to be using her past connection to Christianity as a marketing tool, knowing the audience she’s attempting to reach will eat it up and connect with their hatred of Christ and Christians.

While I understand this when entertainers aren’t aware of the strategies being used by their handlers which take them in this direction, but for Perry to not only embrace this, but pursue, and possibly originate this, is both sad and somewhat reckless, knowing what she does about the Lord Jesus.

Whether this was meant as a fun little venture into life or a total abandonment of her faith in Christ, Katy Perry, like many before her, has been caught up into the pop culture and entertainment industry, which catches people into its web of punishing lifestyle which leaves no room for Christ.

Even though Perry thinks she’s in control, she’s really not, and the tools and techniques used in the industry to promote and sell records to generate money are only with that in mind. It doesn’t matter how many people they chew up and spit out. Their only concern is to generate sales, and secondarily, to influence the overall culture with their way of life.

Sadly, Katy Perry has just become a vulgar caricature of the industry as it wants to portray females. She’s also pursued the homosexual theme throughout her music and interviews as a way to keep the interest up; an old but effective technique of the industry.

Perry in many interviews has become so vulgar for the purpose of shock value, that I really don’t want to link to some of her interviews because of that, reinforcing her lifestyle changes.

All of this is to say that even if someone feels they can keep themselves wholesome while participating in the entertainment industry, it’s a delusion and illusion. It’s brutal, and many people live to break people of faith that enter into that very industry. But even if they didn’t, the entertainment industry itself is so corrupt and dark, that the lives people in the industry live can definitely break some of the more sound people there are out there.

I think we need to build up an entertainment industry based on Christ and Christian values away from Hollywood and the music industry trappings. We should not be afraid or concerned about the repercussions, but just put out quality, meaningful, wholesome content that the vast majority of ordinary people really look and hope for.

We shouldn’t be concerned with building up stars and making blockbuster hits, but rather build up an industry centered on acting and performing as a craft, and based on being salt and light in the world.

Statistics show that not only does this work well as far as financial profits, but people around the world go to see quality movies they for the most part can see with their families, which of course help generate those profits.

In other words, there’s a huge market for wholesome, quality, redemptive themes and music, and there’s no reason Christians can’t take the initiative to see to it that that hunger and void is filled. It’s there for the taking, but it can’t be done in the context of Hollywood, which controls the themes, stories and production at all phases of the operation.

I believe we must do it outside of Hollywood and be willing to take the flack and just put out good music, acting and stories, built around themes connected to being salt and light in this world.

Sadly, Katy Perry has chosen a different route, and has embraced all of the negative side of the entertainment industry in order to be rich and famous. We must do better than that, and we can if we keep our eyes on Christ and don’t look for fame and fortune, but to be salt and light in a world that desperately needs it.

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  1. Gixxer11 said:

    Gary, I don’t even know where to start with what you wrote. You make it sound as if you can only follow your faith in one way and one way only. I’m pretty sure that Katy Perry has not abandoned her faith. I have never seen one article that states that she has denounced her faith. People all across this country have varying degrees of faith. Your unwillingness to accept this fact is what puts a lot of people off about organized religion. You’re just too judgemental. Now for my favorite part of your article. I love this idea of yours that the entertainment industry is “corrupt and Dark”. That you should build up a entertainment industry that is based on christ and christian values. It makes me laugh because you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. See, I work in the music industry. I’d like to think I know a little about this subject. The truth is…..people don’t want it. Let me say it again. People don’t want it. Now I know people are going to read this posting and disagree. They are going to say that it’s not true because they share the same view point as you. It’s as simple as this………..there is not enough of you. All you have to do is look up the top selling albums of 2008 if you need proof. People don’t buy it unless they want it. In order for a christian record label and the christian music industry as a whole to grow people have to buy the music. People are not doing it though. Remember, people don’t buy it unless they want it. I program the most popular radio station in my market and yes we play Katy Perry. We destroy the local Christian radio station in the market. It’s not even close from a ratings stand point. If you look at the ratings for radio stations across the country pop radio stations that play artist like Katy Perry have way higher ratings than christian radio stations. If I thought I could run a christain radio station and have the same amount of success and make just as much money I would. If I ran a christian radio station I wouldn’t be able to make even close to the same amount of money or success because the listeners are not there. Without money I couldn’t employ people and would most likely have to lay employees off. That is not an option for me. Katy Perry is not a bad person and should not be demonized in your article. She has done very well in a very tough industry and if you think the christian music industry is better you’re very naive. It’s even tougher. Katy Perry has turned herself into a industry. She is starting her own fashion line that will put people to work. I’m a big believer in the greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of a job. Please, the next time you write a article like this do some research………..don’t make it up as you go.

    July 9, 2009
  2. kenhap18 said:

    Re: Your posting about Katy Perry supposedly abandoning Christ, let me say first of all that I am a Christian, praise God, and secondly I’m also a huge Katy Perry fan. I would respectfully submit that Mr. Bourgeault should really do his research before he sits down to write anything, especially an indictment of a person. I get daily Google news alerts about Ms. Perry and have probably read every posted interview she’s done for the last year or so and in everything I’ve read she has made it clear that she loves Christ. There is graphic proof of that in the word “Jesus” she has tattooed on her wrist so that she can see his name every time she lifts the microphone to her mouth. Once again please remind Gary Bourgeault to check his acts before writing hateful crap about people. It’s this sort o hate mongering that turns people away from Christ not to him. Thankfully most real Christians are more tolerant and loving (as Christ taught us) than Mr. Bourgeault, who has done your site and Our Saviour a disservice by at the very least spreading untrue gossip and at the worst lying about Ms. Perry. Sincerely, — Ken H.

    July 9, 2009
  3. lisau2joshy said:

    first off, all that any parent can do in relation to their child is to direct them in the direction they will or should go. every individual, once they reach the age of accountability is responsible for their choice as to whether or not they choose to follow in Christs footsteps or reject Him. you dont get saved thru osmosis. your salvation isnt passed onto others, only the message. everyone is responsible for their own choice in regards to accepting or rejecting it. also to touch on the concept of the” good girl gone bad.” what did Jesus tell the rich young ruler, who was looking for his own way to the presence of the Father based on his own good works? remember when Jesus told him “why do you call me good? NOBODY SAVE GOD is “good”? Jesus was speaking from His humanity rather than His deity because He knew the young man didnt recognize He WAS God.its true that the outward man can reflect the inward man but it doesnt establish the basis for the inward man. WE ALL HAVE SINNED AND FALLEN SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD no matter how socially politically or even morally correct we may or may not be. none of us are “ggod” save the man who knew no sin who was also God. katy perry alone is responsible for the choices she makes concerning her walk with god and only God truly knows her heart. or her familys. we can only go by what the media tells us, which is often dubious at best. and christian meida sadly is often not above slanting the truth to further its own agenda. our job is to be salt and light and hope that whoever has strayed from Him will one day return and find out who they are in christ Jesus. no one else can do that for them

    January 28, 2010
  4. curlytop said:

    I have read many articles and seen several interviews with Katy Perry. She may have Jesus tattooed on her arm, but being a Christian and knowing Christ is more than just saying “I believe in God”. The Bible teaches we must repent from our sins, turn away from sin and follow the Lord. I don’t think God approves of Katy or anyone posing nude in photos and magazines , using profanity , sleeping with people you are not married to, singing explicit lyrics and promoting homosexuality. Katy is a very pretty, talented girl. I pray that someday ,Katy will return to the Christian teachings and values ,she was taught as a child by her parents.

    August 26, 2010

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