Lessons from the Gospel of John: Doing What Is Right

But people who do what is true come to the light so that the things they do for God may be clearly seen.  (John 3:21)

Maybe this verse should have been included in the last devotion, but it also stands alone. People who do what is true (practice honesty and live a life of Biblical integrity) come to the light (Jesus). According to Matthew Henry, the renowned theologian of the 1800’s, “Those who mean and act honestly dread not a scrutiny, but desire it rather.” Verse 20 says that those who do what is wrong shy away from being seen. They do not want their evil to be known. On the other hand when you are living according to God's Word you delight in God's scrutiny.

I often ask God to search my heart and show me where I need to change. The result of this prayer is not always comfortable, because He will show me what He wants changed. He also provides the means and ability to enact these changes. Am I perfect? Not by a long shot, but I'm working on it, with God's help.

Oversight is one of the things that a Christian needs and should desire. There is so much misinformation available today that a believer can often be confused by what may sound right to begin with, but leads to destruction in the end. If we are living “in the light” we will be thankful for the oversight of like-minded believers. This way we will stay on the path set out by God in His Word.

We are not doing things for God to “be clearly seen” by men, but by God Himself. It’s not that we are saying, “Hey God, look at what I did!” but more like, “Lord, is this right?” or, “Can I do this better or differently?” This way we are drawing closer to Christ day by day. And that’s the goal.

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