Lessons From The Gospel of John: Jesus Came To Save

God sent his Son into the world, not to condemn the world, but to save the world. – John 3:17

As Christians we are often quick to find fault. We see sin and we are very quick to try to correct it. Unfortunately, we almost always see these sins in other people. A friend of mine once jokingly said that sin could be defined as anything that you do that I don’t do. While he was joking, he was also trying to make a point. We all too often point out the splinter in our brother’s eye all the while ignoring the plank in our own.

We are the servants of God. We are Jesus' followers. This means that we are supposed to act as He acted and do as He did. John says here that Jesus' purpose in coming to this world as a human was to save the world. He came to die so that we might be set free from our sins and from the bondage of Sin.

Are we to do any less? Later in the book of John we are told that Jesus said, “A servant isn't greater than his master.” If we acknowledge Jesus as our master, then we need to heed this warning. I guess what I am saying is that we need to stop picking out every thing that we find wrong with others and start examining our own lives. in this way we will become more like Jesus and set the example for others. As we become more like Him, we are brighter beacons for His love.

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