Lessons from the Gospel of John: You must decrease while He increases.

You are witnesses that I said, 'I'm not the Messiah, but I've been sent ahead of him.' …He must increase in importance, while I must decrease in importance. (John 3:28, 30)

John the Baptist was very plain spoken about who he was and who he was not. He never tried to claim to be Messiah. It was John’s contention that he had been sent ahead of Messiah to prepare the way for Him. John had this right, as the Bible and history bear out. For a season John the Baptist had a popularity that captured even the religious leader’s attention (Matthew chapter 21).  At the very least people knew that John the Baptist was a prophet and maybe Messiah. John the Baptist not only denied being Messiah he pointed out the Messiah as Jesus Christ. He said that it was appropriate for him to decrease while Jesus increased.  

Now the question for us is a simple one: Are we thinking more of ourselves than we should? Which one of us has been chosen by the Father to be the forerunner of the Messiah? So if John the Baptist sees that Jesus must take predominance then maybe we should think so also? Now we all say that we give Jesus the top spot in our lives, but there may be one or two areas that He just isn’t quite allowed into. You make Jesus number one, but maybe not during deer season? Or Friday night bowling with the guys from work? Speaking of work, are you the same person at work that you are at church? At church you are all “Yea Jesus” and “Hallelujah” but what is your speech like at work?

Jesus does not want part of you. If you accept His provision for your sins, that is His death in your place, He deserves 100% of your allegiance. Whether at church with other believers, at work or in the ballpark, you are a Christian or you are not a Christian. There is no in-between. You must decrease while He increases.

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